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The world-famous red dunes of Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei, Hardap Region, Namibia
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The Sossusvlei is at its best in the morning and in the evening at sunset and sunset. The light is then warm. This creates beautiful contrasts between the white of the clay and the red of the dunes. The sights are located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Before we entered, you had to pay an entrance fee. As a result, there was a traffic jam in front of the entrance in the morning before sunrise. We did not go too late and had breakfast in the car! Only the last five kilometers we had to take a 4wd shuttle to the Sossusvlei.
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Points of interest

Kalahari Desert
but in fact the sand is supplied by the east wind from the Kalahari
from the Nama language and means 'place where water meets'.
Namib-Naukluft National Park
The valley is part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia .
Dead Vlei
The Sossusvlei is the tourist name for the desert, because this area is the most popular.
Hidden Vlei
In the immediate vicinity you can see more than just the Sossusvlei.
The Sossusvlei is perhaps the most famous attraction in Namibia.
Big Daddy Dune
We absolutely loved it as one of the highlights of our trip through Namibia.
Namib Desert
The name refers to a white clay pan that is surrounded by beautiful red sand dunes in the Namib desert.
Dune 45 Sossusvlei
Dune 45 Sossusvlei
In addition, there are huge dunes, of which Dune 45

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