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The rest of the day in Akumal - monkeys and more snorkeling!

Akumal, Q.R., Mexico
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Alright, so we broke Akumal into two sections. First, we got up early and drove there from Tulum for some snorkeling. After seeing the turtles and snacking at the Turtle Bay Cafe, we drove out from the beach into the jungle. A little further out, we turned into the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary for some hands on experience with squirrel and capuchin monkeys. So, SO cool! The pictures came out great! Once we were done monkeying around (dad joke), we headed to Yal-Ku for some more snorkeling. No turtles here, but there were plenty of fish, and even a few birds. You have to swing by Yal-Ku if for no other reason to see (and feel) the difference between the fresh and salt water while snorkeling. The haocline (where freshwater and saltwater meet) is crazy! It looks hazy, and you can totally feel a difference in temperature.
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