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The "City of light"-Le ciel de Paris

Paris, France
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Probably some of you are familiar with the huge Paris picture from Ikea... Well, I have that one in my room! For many years I fantasized going to this romantic city, full of wonders and magic as shown in the movies. Finally, I was able to make my dream come true this past April.

Living in Miami for 15 years now, you get used to only new buildings and the oldest architecture is probably from the 1920’s, from the Art Deco period. You can imagine what I felt when I landed in Paris! I honestly didn't know where to look. It’s amazing how much history and art surrounds you, so much that it can be overwhelming at first. LOL

When I came back everyone asked what my favorite part of the trip was. I couldn't really tell-the exquisite food, the art, the mesmerizing architecture, the beautiful gardens, etc. The food? Did I mention the food? We ate at the Eiffel tower which was incredible but of course is not in everyone’s budget… So if you want a more affordable alternative I would certainly recommend ‘Le Ciel de Paris’. Great food and you can see all of Paris from up there. Here is another tip: try to make reservations for 9.30PM or so, that way you can see the Eiffel tower light up in sparkles. It happens the first 10mins of every hour at night.

Enjoy your dinner and the view! :)
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