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The city walls of Derry

Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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Derry (Londonderry) in Northern Ireland, UK is one of the finest remaining examples of an old city wall that is still standing today. It was built over 400 years ago and and largely been restored after years of erosion and battles over the centuries. You really do feel like you are in "Old Europe" when you are here and there are great views to be had and of course some great photos. They have also restored the original cannons that were used to fight off many attackers in the 17th century. It has 4 original gates and 2 added later that are still in use today!
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Culture and experiences

Church Lane
This gate is near where the picture was taken of the cannons

Points of interest

Double Bastion
This is a two-sided version of an area of the walls where cannons would be kept to defend that city from attackers.
Derry City walls
This is the largest part of the city walls where most post card and photos are taken

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