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The carriages of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, MI 49757, USA
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You often hear rumors of places without cars. They usually aren't true, or are inflated a great deal. Well, on Mackinac island, there are no private cars, period. The only vehicles on the island are the Ambulance, Fire engines, and one police car. So, you ask, how do people get around? Bicycles and horse drawn carriages of course! When I got off the ferry it was like stepping back in time. Horse and buggies with taxi signs on them were waiting for fares. Larger carriages acted like buses, taking 20 people at a time. There were even freight wagons to take all the island's goods to their destination. I had never seen anything like it before, or since.
Story Details


Mackinac Island Medical
The only motorized vehicle I saw was the ambulance at the medical center.

Bars and nightlife

Yankee Rebel Tavern
On odd name for a bar on an island in Michigan.


Seabiscuit Cafe
One of many small restaurants on the island to enjoy.


Little Luxuries
A higher end shop, even these goods are delivered by horse.

Special activities

Great Turtle Kayak Tours
You can rent kyacks, as well as, bikes at this location.

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