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The blinding sunset

Dunedin, FL, United States
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Sometimes sunsets are spectacular. On this day, there were no clouds and the sunset was just blinding. It’s hard to watch a sunset when there are no clouds. It almost blinds you and then if you stare at it you start seeing spots everywhere. I almost couldn’t wait for it to go down so I could see. We thought it would be an enjoyable experience for all of us sitting and watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, but I don’t think my kids enjoyed the squinting experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be blinded by a sunset any day rather than sitting in the office, but I have to say this sunset needed a few clouds. Did you know that three meteorologist have created a website that predicts the best sunsets? I’m not sure if I can list it here without it getting deleted, but you can probably find it via google search.
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Anywhere in Florida is great for sunsets. I prefer sunsets with a few clouds. This sunset was blinding and I forgot my sunglasses!

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