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Copenhagen, Denmark
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I have went on many journys to denmark to visit my gf. Each time i experience something exciting! We have went to tivoli, an amusement park, many times and enjoyed all the lights during christmas and all the halloween decorations during halloween! Also the architecture is amazing! Anyone who loves to go sight seeing and can appreciate beautiful buildings and landscape should definetly give copenhagen denmark a try! Another thing i enjoyed about copenhagen is the restaurants! They are a tad expensive but worth it. Some food is a little different than american food but the beer is even better! Carlsberg is my favorite and i would highly recommend! Lastly if you are visiting in the summer you have to give the beaches and ice cream a try! The beaches are very close to wherever you are in copenhagen, which makes it convenient no matter what hotel you stay at! The ice cream is by far the creamiest ice cream you can buy! The best part is every ice cream place i have been too in Copenhagen has that same creamy taste if not better! So safe travels and hope you find Copenhagen as nice as i did (:
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