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The Wildflowers are still out in Texas!

Loyal Valley, TX, United States
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So here we are in mid-June and there are still lots of wildflowers out in Texas.

June is a bit of an unpredictable month in Central Texas. Sometimes by mid-June the area has had days or even weeks of triple-digit heat with little if any rain. In those years, the wildflowers are pretty much gone by the beginning of June. In other years, such as this year, June brings plentiful moisture and very few days, if any, off triple-digit heat.

Because of the abundant rainfall and pleasant temperatures this year, Central Texas has experienced a very long and very prolific wildflower season. Granted, the Bluebonnets and other early-season flowers are long gone, but many types of flowers are still abundant. I saw quite a few during my visits to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area this weekend.
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