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The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

Chessy, Île-de-France, France
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Disneyland Park, at the Disneyland Paris Resort, is inspired by the classic theme parks we know and love back in the United States. However, like all Disney parks around the world, each version of this familiar layout, while stocked with recognizable rides and shows, brings its own unique cultural flair to the table. And the Disneyland in Paris is arguably the most beautiful, stylized, and unique of them all. Disneyland Paris has staples like Pirates of the Caribbean (an excellent version here), It's a Small World, and what is the best attraction at this park - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Big Thunder exists in some form in California, Florida, and Tokyo as well, but it is the Paris version that stands as the best one of these runaway mine train coasters. From theming to actual ride experience, it's the most exciting and most fun. It's suitable for most ages, as there are no inversions or anything, and it's relatively tame by coaster enthusiast standards. However, as with all coasters, make sure you're in good health before hopping on board.
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Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Exciting runaway mine train coaster at Disneyland Paris and that park's best attraction.

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