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The Village of Howth

Ireland, Ireland
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Two of my sister in laws and their husbands were travelling to Ireland for a vacation. At the time they were planning the trip my husband and I couldn't make it work and join them. As the date got closer we realized we just couldn't miss out on the opportunity to visit Ireland, their homeland, with them so we decided to go. We surprised them in Temple Bar in Dublin and from there traveled around Ireland for the next several days. One of our stops was to the village of Howth which is east of Dublin. We walked around the grounds of 15th century castle, visited the fishing area and fish market along the water, and stopped for a delicious hot meal and of course a pint in one of their many local pubs. once a small fishing village it now is a frequent visit to tourists - trying the fresh local seafood, enjoying the beautiful views and talking to the locals. It's an awesome village and we were happy we had the opportunity to explore the area for the day.
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We took the train from Dublin to Howth and it was a great way to get there and see the sites along the way.

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