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The Turnaround Point

East Salem, WV, United States
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One of my goals in life is to hike every inch of the North Bend Rail Trail between Parkersburg and Clarksburg in West Virginia. I have hiked a large portion of the trail, but there are still some sections of the trail where my feet have not yet trod. During my hikes on the trail, I have tried to prioritize the tunnels. I have also tried to emphasize sections of the trail that appear to be particular scenic. That aside, there are still some very scenic stretches of the trail that I have not yet seen.

I often turn around after hiking through the Brandy Gap Tunnel east of Salem. One of these days, I want to hike the stretch from the tunnel to the eastern terminus of the trail at the town of Wolf Summit. This photograph was taken right after I emerged from the Brandy Gap Tunnel. It looks east towards Wolf Summit.

I do not know if there used to be Wolves in Wolf Summit, but the "Summit" part of the name is accurate. Wolf Summit was the highest point on the Parkersburg Branch of the B&O Railroad between Grafton and Parkersburg. Those who are familiar with the geography of West Virginia might be surprise to learn that this small town west of Clarksburg (Wolf Summit is several miles from the mountains) is higher than the rail yards in Grafton (which is very close to the mountains).
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