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The Time I Went To Dubai

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3 Kudos
I spent a week in Dubai with my good friend Omar, who is kind of a celebrity over there. No big deal, but he's on the TV. Everywhere we went people recognized him, and he would politely chat with them for a few minutes. It was so cool to see my college buddy making a name for himself. The highlight of the trip was definitely Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Simply beautiful. Also, it's crazy hot there.

Can't wait to go back!
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Points of interest

Palm Jebel Ali
This thing is crazy. Best to view it from the top of another building. It's hard to really see what it looks like while actually on the islands.
Burj Khalifa
This is a must see in Dubai!
Dubai Festival City
I stayed here with a friend for lodging, and it was amazing. Everything you need within walking distance.


Just Falafel - Dubai Festival City
A solid "not bad"
Perhaps the freshest salad I've ever had and amazing mint green tea - just what I needed on a 100 degree day!
Qbara Restaurant
This place was amazing! So many flavors. We ordered a ton of food to share and try all the strong Middle Eastern flavors, and everything was excellent! Can't recommend this place enough!


The Dubai Mall
Holy crap is this place huge! Tons of high-end stores, great restaurants, and even an indoor ski slope! Awesome!

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