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The Thurber Smokestack

Thurber, TX, United States
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If you have driven from Dallas-Fort Worth to Abilene, Texas on Interstate 20 then you have probably noticed an old brick smokestack located north of the interstate just west of Mineral Wells. The smokestack marks the location of the ghost town of Thurber, Texas. It is located a little bit more than an hour west of Fort Worth or roughly two hours West of Dallas depending on traffic.

The town of Thurber was a coal mining town. You probably don't think of Texas as being a coal-mining state. For the most part, it wasn't. Most of Texas does not have easily accessible and thick coal seams that you find in places like West Virginia or Pennsylvania. That being said, there was some coal available at this location. The town of Thurber grew very quickly but it also disappeared quickly when the mining stopped. Today, this old smokestack is a reminder of the ghost town of Thurber.

While driving West out of Dallas-Fort Worth, I decided to make a quick stop here. I took several photographs of this historic smokestack.

There are two restaurants and a museum in the immediate vicinity. One of the restaurant's occupies a historic building that was another centerpiece of Thurber.
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