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The Thurber Fire Station

Thurber, TX, United States
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How do you define a ghost town? Some people might claim that it is a town that has absolutely no evidence of its existence whatsoever. Other people might consider any semi deserted town to be a ghost town. Regardless of your definition, the ghost town of Thurber, Texas has a surprising number of buildings remaining from its heyday.

The Thurber fire station is a bit unusual in the context of Thurber, Texas because it is not made of brick. Unlike the majority of the buildings in town, the fire station is an old wood frame building. It makes sense there are few wood frame buildings left here. Unlike the brick buildings, most of the wooden structures probably succumbed to the elements at some point in their history.

This historic fire station is located across the parking lot from the Smokestack Restaurant. If you walk from the restaurant to the smokestack itself, you will walk right past this fire station. It makes for some great photo opportunities. I made a quick stop here on my way home from Dallas.
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