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The Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, United States
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I knew San Francisco was hilly. I knew I should be scared when I was reading a review of the hotel we were staying at and someone said the hill it was on was no joke. And yet I was still unprepared for the ridiculously difficult hikes around town. I know we weren't really at a 45 degree angle, but it sure did feel like it. Thankfully, all the walking I do regularly on the treadmill at the gym paid off; my quads and calves were just fine, thank you. I wasn't even sore the next day. But while climbing up a street during our many walks--and it did feel like climbing--my heart was racing like crazy. I had to stop occasionally just to get things under control. I was glad I was there with my friend (who was more than happy to stop) and not my runner husband, who would've kept on going and waited for me impatiently at the top.
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Bars and nightlife

Li Po Cocktail Lounge
After wearing ourselves out walking the hills of San Francisco, we stopped in here to rest our feet and grab a drink. We had to get the Chinese Mai Tai since that was the specialty, and it was indeed tasty. Cute, dark place where you can easily lose track of time.


Stanford Court San Francisco
Cute hotel with super comfy beds, but it's at the top of a HUGE hill. You've been warned.


Begoni Bistro
The bartender around the corner recommended this place for dinner, but honestly, I wish we'd gone somewhere else. It was way too touristy when we wanted more of an authentic experience considering we were in Chinatown. The food was fine, but the vibe was too trendy.
We went here for brunch one day. It's upscale Mexican, so it's a little pricey but not bad. The coffee was super good.
The Village Cafe
We were able to walk over here from the hotel for a simple breakfast. Nothing fancy and kind of dive-y, but we were comfortable hanging out in there for awhile. They don't take cards, but you can pay via Venmo.

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