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The Smithsonian Institution Building AKA Castle

Arlington, VA, United States
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The Smithsonian Museum is located in a huge area of Washington D.C, consists of multiples building, each dedicated to a unique topic. Here is the Smithsonian Intuition Building; it is an administrative office and informational building. You can not walk pass this building without noticing it, the building stands out on its own, though it is not an actual museum. The color and the design of the building is absolutely stunning, the grass around it is lush green with well trimmed landscape, it truly is worth its name “Smithsonian Castle”, making you feel like it is a fairytale out of a book.
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Smithsonian Castle
beautiful building and will take your breath away, must better in person
Smithsonian Castle
AKA the castle. Very nicely built castle style building using for admistrative

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