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The Ruins of Thurber

Thurber, TX, United States
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Thurber, Texas is a ghost town located along Interstate 20 between Dallas-Fort Worth and Abilene. Its biggest claim to fame is the towering brick smokestack that can be seen easily from the interstate. One of its historic buildings has been the subject of adaptive reuse and is now the Smokestack Restaurant.

The abandoned building in this photograph, has obviously not fared so well. Some of Thurber's buildings are still abandoned and this is one of them. Of all of the abandoned buildings, this one is arguably in the poorest condition. The roof has collapsed and it has received no maintenance whatsoever. It is located behind the historic smokestack.

I do not know if there are any plans for the restoration of this building. It would be neat to see this building get reused like the Smokestack Restaurant building across the parking lot.
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