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The Romance Is alive at Parc de la Ciutadella

08003 Barcelona, Spain
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I should probably start doing more research before we travel… This stunning park in the heart of Barcelona is a must see for anyone staying in this romantic city. I admit this alot, so no harm in doing it again, I didn’t know much about Barcelona before we went there. We ended up at this garden while walking to another place. We spent a lot of time looking at the gorgeous statues and taking tons of photos. This entire area is a photographers dream, but really I guess all of barcelona is. In this park there are golden statues, a romantic lake that will just make you swoon, a zoo, a military compound, a museum, and much more. It really has something for everyone. I wish we had spent more time here. Barcelona was the first of 4 countries on our eurotrip and we were only there for 3 days. A reasonable person would say “If I go again I would go to less countries and stay places longer”... I am not a reasonable person. On our next eurotrip I am going to save more money and carve out more time. So we can both go to more countries, and stay in each one longer. Oh that would be living the dream! I got off track there… go to this garden and spend the day exploring it… which if you’re going to Barcelona you probably already plan to do, because unlike me, you have done your research!
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Points of interest

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona
Relatively cheap admission and some free days as well. If you're into museums its a spot to check out.
Barcelona Zoo
This zoo is pretty old, as it was first introduced in 1892. It was in part built to make use of empty buildings from the Universal Exposition of 1988. Easy to access, Tickets are pretty pricey in my opinion, I prefer free and cheap things to do when I travel.

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