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The Real Seattle Lives in White Center

White Center, WA, United States
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Seattle has been known for grunge, the fishing industry and seafood. However, let's be honest, it is no longer the working person's city. Big tech has taken over and Seattle has lost its blue collar charm. Though there is still one haven near the city, called White Center. This neighborhood is unincorporated Seattle so it has evaded gentrification by the yuppies and still maintains a punk rock, eclectic and ethnic vibe. Mac's triangle pub is the spot to go for cheap drinks, real conversations and masterful karaoke singers. The Salvadorean bakery hits the spot when you're craving a sweet and flakey treat. And when you need to work it all off take a walk around the downtown area to see all of the magnificent street art created by local artists. White Center's charm is all about being a melting pot and hopefully this never changes.
Story Details

Bars and nightlife

Mac's Triangle Pub
Real people with great drinks and a fun atmosphere. I normally hate karaoke and the volunteers were professional level.


Salvadorean Bakery
Delicious, flakey and reasonable pastries. Along with Salvadorean staples and huge, tasty meals.

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