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Cincinnati, OH, United States
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I had the very lucky, last minute opportunity to travel to Cincinnati with the USF Bulls football team (Go Bulls!) for the game on 10/23. First off- if you ever have the chance to travel with a sports team, DO IT. I've gone on multiple trips with the Bulls and it's fabulous being in that environment. Second- for a city that isn't NYC, LA, or anything like those, Cincy is pretty cool. We stayed in Covington, Kentucky (more about that in a different post) but ate dinner and watched the game in Cincy. The jet center we flew into was tiny, so I'm not sure what the local airport is like. The Bearcats are currently playing in the Bengals stadium while their on campus stadium is being renovated so we made our first stop at the stadium. It's beautiful. It's not as nice as Raymond James Stadium (not even because I'm biased) but it was pretty cool. All of the seats are green (Go bulls!) so it's very easy to tell what seats aren't filled when your fans wear red.For dinner that night we ate at Moerlein Lager House, which was fabulous. I'm a big fan of craft beers and this place makes their own right up front. They had 6 year round beers and 4-5 seasonal ones. I tried 2 of the seasonal beers, a brown ale and a version of pumpkin/octoberfest. Both were fabulous, but I think my favourite was the pumpkin one. We ordered spinach and artichoke dip and it was Fabulous. Probably all of my daily calories in one bite, but so worth it. I ordered a portobella mushroom burger. It didn't have meat which is my preferred way for a mushroom burger. Not the best mushroom burger I've ever had but it was pretty close. Everyone else enjoyed their food as well, but I couldn't tell you what they ate because I was enjoying mine too much.The restaurant also does beer flights of 4 of their year round beers, so if you can't decide, they do have that option.Over all the trip was fabulous. We lost the game (it was bad) but I would definitely visit the city again. The Ohio river divides Kentucky and Ohio and there are so many beautiful sites to see. There's the first attempt at a suspension bridge, which was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge and it's a nice shade of blue. Didn't look obnoxious, just blended in with the rest of the city.
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