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The Quaint Old Town of Getaria

Getaria, PV, Spain
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We spent 3 nights in Getaria at the beautiful Villa Embil. The town of Getaria is very small, but it is located only a few minutes from the town of Zarautz, and about 20 minutes from San Sebastián. There is a beautiful seaside walkway along the road with amazing views that stretches between Getaria and Zarautz, so that was great for taking scenic walks. The town of Getaria itself is very charming. The main old part of town has a few walking streets down toward an old church. Along the streets are pintxo bars, restaurants, ice cream/pastry/bread/etc shops. For being such a small town, it really has everything you’d need. If you follow the streets down and under the church, you can go down to the marina and beach, or to San Anton which is known as the mouse of Getaria because from a distance it is shaped like a mouse. There is a walk/hike that you can take up to the top of San Anton and a lighthouse at the top.
There is also a newer part of town which we didn’t explore too much, but part of our group did go to the Balenciaga museum and they enjoyed that as well!
There is also a winery, but unfortunately it was closed the day we were going to go check it out.
All in all, Getaria is a wonderful little quiet beach town, with beautiful views, and a nice change of pace from the bigger cities in the area. Villa Embil is a great place to stay with a large group, though it is a bit pricy. It was very nice to have such a beautiful view from virtually every room in the house and it has great outdoor space too.
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Culture and experiences

Cristobal Balenciaga museoa
We didn’t personally attend the museum, but part of our group did and they said they really enjoyed it.


Villa Embil
Villa Embil
Beautiful villa that sleeps probably 12-14 people. Almost every room has great views of the water. Great kitchen and outdoor space. Parking is a little sketchy, basically just up on a curb barely off the road, but still a great place to stay. About a 5-10 min walk into town or to the beach

Points of interest

San Salbador eliza
A neat old church in the heart of the old town
Malkorbe Kalea
Malkorbe Kalea
The beach area in Getaria. Not a huge beach, but pretty large considering the size of Getaria.
San Anton
Known as the mouse of Getaria because of its shape. A nice little hike up with great water views.


Izarri Okindegia
A bakery in the old town with good fresh bread and cookies. They also serve ice cream but the ice cream wasn’t great.
Restaurante Iríbar
Another restaurant in Getaria. They have a grill outside that you can see them preparing the fish on which is also neat
Restaurante Politena
Another pintxo bar/restaurant in the old town of Getaria. Not the best we had, but a few good options.
Giroa Taberna
Giroa Taberna
Pintxo bar with a nice selection of pintxos and the friendliest staff in the area

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