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The Prettiest Outdoor Mall

Blackhawk, CA, United States
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This is an outdoor mall called Blackhawk Plaza and it is the prettiest outdoor mall I have ever been to. It is beautifully landscaped with shopping, dining, an art gallery, fountains, waterfalls, a pond, a museum, and a playground. The mall was almost empty on a weekend pre-COVID so I have no idea how the businesses here are able to stick around. I know I would want to come here all the time to enjoy the scenery if I lived closer. Many varieties of ducks can be found waddling around or swimming in the water. You can buy duck food near the check out registers at the fancy grocery store called Draegers.
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Century Blackhawk Plaza
still at reasonable prices and a good option when you want to watch a movie

For kids

Sycamore Valley Park
play under the weeping willow and then walk along the meandering creek

Points of interest

where you can find Blackhawk Plaza and feed the ducks
Blackhawk Plaza Circle
a fun way to spend the day; feed the ducks, eat lunch, then watch a movie
a suburb east of San Francisco with an nice outdoor mall
Blackhawk Plaza
a gorgeous outdoor mall with a museum, dining, and cute shopping
Blackhawk Museum
a cool museum with different exhibits and a car collection


Beeps Burgers
get a burger and fries, then you can play on the playground outside


enjoy a cool ice cream on a nice hot day
Draeger's Markets
buy duck food here and feed the ducks in the mall

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