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The Port of Tilbury

Tilbury, England, United Kingdom
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I’m not much of a cruiser, so I can’t pretend to have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to cruise ship terminals and ports. But I enjoyed the experience of departing for a Norwegian fjords cruise from the Port of Tilbury on the river Thames.

Located in Tilbury, Essex, it’s the main port for cruise ships leaving “from London” and is about an hour away from the city. (We took a coach offered by our cruise company.) But its main purpose seems to be more commercial, with plenty of container cranes standing at the ready to unload containers on their arrival. The cruise terminal’s exterior has a distinctly retro vibe, which I appreciated — I especially liked that blue lettering!
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Port of Tilbury
Port of Tilbury
Main port for cruise ships departing from London. Relatively easy to navigate and not terribly crowded.

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by gefe57


I was wondering which cruise line leaves from this port. A lot of cruise lines leave from Harwich and Southampton. This port looks interesting and is closer to London.

by Kelmishka


I was on a specially arranged vegan cruise operated by Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV). It was very easy to reach the port from London!