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The Perfect to Escape from the Midwest Winter

Las Vegas, NV, United States
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My body and mind had enough. Winter was not only long but it was horrible. The -50 wind-chills sent me and my husband into a depressive snow-blown state. We had to get away but we didn't have any money saved for a vacation. That's when we decided to escape to Las Vegas.

Now we're not much for gambling or big flashy lights but Vegas was absolutely amazing! We didn't have to go far for any of our needs.

As I'm originally from New York, my husband thought it would be fun to stay at the New York-New York Hotel. Let's me just say that it didn't disappoint! There was even a small city within the hotel that highlighted all of New York's best food and entertainment. From pizza to Italian bakeries and Irish pub music to dueling pianos at the bar, you are in New York.

There was so much to see and do. The favorite, by far, was The Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo. How much fun to be included in the show!

Other highlights that you want to check out... Mirage's Dolphin Zoo, Mandalay Bay Shark Reef, Excalibur's Tournament of Knights, The Blue Man Group Parade, and the countless restaurants that cater to your every desire.

And, oh yeah... make sure to put $2 in a slot machine at least once... JACKPOT!
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McCarran International Airport
You can absolutely live in this airport! Check-in is easy, TSA is fast, and the food options are amazing near the gates.

Bars and nightlife

Nine Fine Irishmen
Nine Fine Irishmen
The food is awesome but you have to stay for the 9pm Irish Pub music show. Make sure you ask for a good table for viewing because such a thing is limited.


New York-New York Hotel & Casino
New York-New York Hotel & Casino
I'm originally from New York so I can attest to the fact that this hotel is a perfect mini-representation of New York City. You have food, entertainment, and awesome decor under one roof.

Special activities

Mirage Dolphin Habitat
Think you can't get dolphins in Las Vegas? You're wrong! This is the perfect place to go to break away from the crowds and give that dolphin lover a close-up of these beautiful creatures. If you want even more hands-on action, pay a little extra and you can become a dolphin trainer's assistant!

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by roseacosta


I tend to be overwhelmed whenever I visit Las Vegas! So many things to do and see and I always leave with a promise to come back ... it's been a few years since and I think am due for a visit!

by bulai1976


Lovely story and photo! Love Vegas myself.