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The 'Pearl of the Orient': Cebu, Philippines

Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
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Visiting Cebu City, Philippines, known as the 'pearl of the Orient' because of the pearl harvesting nearby, I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

Firstly I noticed is the heavy traffic, although common in many Asian cities, I wasn't expecting it in a relatively small one like Cebu. Next, the infrastructure was 'relatively' poor. While I understand the PI is a '3rd world country', it seemed far worse than countries like Thailand for example. Last, other than various shopping malls their didn't seem? much to see and do. While the malls were huge, nice, other than those I couldn't find much to do in the city...?

In sum, don't think I'll be visiting again.
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Ayala Road
A nice area in Cebu with good sidewalks and a pleasant shopping mall.

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by glennlaz


interesting story on Cebu! When did you visit? I'm planning a trip there sometime next year. I'm doing some research of things to do and so far I'm seeing several of Spanish Era churches, forts, and nearby islands. I hope infra has improved since u visited. lol