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The Parthenon at Night

Athens, Greece
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After a long trip, dead tired, we checked into our room at the Athens Gate Hotel. The window curtains were drawn shut, so Andy opened them to see what was outside. Let's put it this way: we suddenly were wide awake and wide-eyed.

We had come to see the Acropolis and our first view at night was the most spectacular--if for no other reason than the scaffolding and construction at the site were obscured by the night. So, what we could see with our eyes and our mind's eye felt like were were looking at this temple of Athena in its glory days.

Of course, we visited the Acropolis during the day and the nearby museum--at some point we'll post some of those shots. But that first nighttime vista was unforgettable. We stayed for a few days, and enjoyed other impressive nighttime views.
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Temple of Olympian Zeus
Huge, 5-story columns and the Arch of Hadrian, as you enter the park. Once was the largest such temple in the known world.
Filopappou Hill
(Elsewhere called Philopappou Hill.) Monument on the top of the hill can't compare to the nearby Acropolis, but the view from the top is wonderful. Also, the jail cell where Socrates died (maybe) is on the way up. It's only a 7-minute walk from the Acropolis--do it.


The Athens Gate Hotel
The Athens Gate Hotel
Right across from the Temple of Zeus, with a spectacular view of the Acropolis--make sure to get a room on an upper floor.

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by yogagirl


What a cool way to first see the Acropolis! Those pix are amazing!