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The Oxford of Spain

Salamanca, CL, Spain
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Salamanca's main claim to fame in Spain is that it is the home of Spain's oldest university, founded in the 1200s. There are tours of the inside of the university - mainly the lecture halls I believe - which we didn't do. But what we did see was still impressive. The facade to the main building of the university is really impressive - pictures do not do it justice. Salamanca's museum is in the adjacent square and in a nearby court is a really interesting site. There is a 15th century ceiling mural called 'the sky of Salamanca' that depicts the constellations in the night sky.
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Points of interest

Museo de Salamanca
very worthwhile museum especially since it is free to enter
Escuelas Menores de la Universidad de Salamanca
enter this courtyard to see the 'sky of salamanca' but no photos
Frog Salamanca
this is really an impressive facade, tours are inside these doors

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