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The Only Easy Day WasYesterday

San Diego, CA, United States
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In February 2004 I had the great honor of attending my oldest son's graduation from BUDs (Basic Underwater Demolition training) in Coronado, CA. For those who do not know what BUDs is, it is the training sailors go through to become Navy SEALs. If the sailors are good enough to pass BUDs they go across the Silver Strand Highway to the SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) center. After SQT graduation, which is private, the sailors earn their Trident (they call it their Budweiser). After SQT they receive their assignments to a SEAL Team which are located on the west and east coasts and Hawaii. Most of the training is closed to the public except for graduations and each sailor is limited on the number of guests he can invite and their names have to be on a roster to be allowed entrance. Even access to the beach surrounding the training center is restricted. There are locations along the Silver Strand Highway that you can park and catch some views of portions of the training facility like the obstacle course.
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Silver Strand State Beach
The Silver Strand Highway goes along a narrow strip southe of Coronado

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This is a pretty cool part of San Diego and it is where the BUDs Training facility is located

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