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The Olive Tree and the Holy Land

Lifta, Jerusalem District, Israel
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Besides being overall quite arid, what is the one common thing that unifies the Middle East together? The answer is not the Arabic languages. It’s the olive trees.

The significance of the olive tree in the Middle East as a whole and the Holy Land in particular is often overlooked. I cannot think of another type of vegetation, plant, flower, or tree that has played and continuing to play such a significant role in the development of cultures, civilizations, traditions, and religions like that of the olive tree in the Middle East. In the 3 major Abrahamic religions, olives play such a major role in the narrative, be it in the Old Testament (the Torah), the New Testament, or the Quran. Olives are featured prominently in the daily life of the people in the form of basic food staple, or it can be processed as oil and be used in religious ceremonies and offerings.
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Dome of the Rock
The presence of the olive trees can also be found on one of the holiest islamic sites

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