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The Kalyan Minaret

Bukhara, Bukhara Region, Uzbekistan
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Bukhara has The Kalyan minaret as one of its iconic landmark. A visit here completes your stay in the city specially at night when the minaret is lit up. I got to walk around the historic city at night where locals gathered around the minaret which is truly the main attraction at the square. My local guide and friend explained that the minaret is one of the tallest in Central Asia. Back then the towers were used as a watch tower to look out for enemies during times of war. Now locals and tourists can visit this place and enjoy some local cuisines in the restaurant nearby and also do some shopping. Overall a must see in Bukhara.
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Train Ticket Office
One of the ways I traveled around Uzbekistan is through trains. Some places are worth a visit by train.

Culture and experiences

Bolo Hauz Mosque مسجد
Bukhara's most important mosque can be found near the city's famous ark.
Magoki Attor Mosque
one of the oldest mosque in the region of Bukhara.


Hotel Hafsi Kabir
Cory rooms and nice people who make sure you're stay is good.

Points of interest

The Ark of Bukhara is something you won't miss when you arrive in this historic city.
Kalan Mosque
Kalan mosque is located near the iconic minaret. This area is so lively even at night.
Chor Minor
Make sure to check this out as it is one of the hidden gems in the city.
Love my visit in and around the region of Bukhara. Make sure to find a local guide to take you around.
Kalyan Minaret
The most iconic structure in Bukhara. check it out at night!

Special activities

Lyab-i Hauz
area surrounding by the ponds. This is definitely popular with the locals.

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