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The Islamic Cairo

Cairo Governorate, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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Egypt is known for its great pyramids, mummies, the tomb of Tutankhamun and the scorpion king. But, what many people don't know is its rich Coptic and Islamic history. Cairo was ruled by the Islamic rulers for a long time and during their period they transformed the city into an open-air museum with their beautiful minarets and mosques. Islam is still one of the most practiced religion in Egypt and the journey of this religion and evolution can be learned when you visit many of its mosques. The Islamic culture is deep-rooted in the country's backbone, that you can see it when you visit the Islamic Cairo region in old Cairo.
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Points of interest

Al Ghouri
Mosque-Madrassa of Al Ghouri is beautiful with its amazing huge doors and inscriptions.
Bab Zuwayla
The ticket to Islamic Cairo attractions gives to entry here.
Egyptian Textile Museum
You can learn about the cotton that is popular among everyone in the world here, the Egyptian cotton.
Al Hakim Mosque
One of the many beautiful mosques in Islamic cairo with it's own charm.
Amr Ibn El-Aas
Must visit mosque in Islamic Cairo. Carry small bills for shoe storage.
Prince Mohamed Ali Palace (Manial Palace)
A beautiful palace converted into a state museum. Well preserved,
Khan Al Khalili
A beautiful market which comes to life by the night.
Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel
Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel
Built by Salah el-Din. A beautiful structure. Closed for afternoon prayers.
Islamic Cairo
beautiful part of old Cairo with a lot of mosques and markets.
Al-Azhar Mosque
A beautiful mosque with great architecture and history. Must see.
Mosque of Muhammad Ali
Mosque of Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali mosque is also known as Cairo citadel. It is built after the blue mosque.
Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan
Don't miss this beautiful mosque and madrassa. one ticket is good for 2.
Mosque of Ibn Tulun
A beautiful mosque is Islamic Cairo. A must see while in Cairo.

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