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The Incredible Shrinking Lake

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Vancouver's Stanley Park is huge. I was amazed at just how big it was--and how close it was to downtown. We spent a good day exploring it. One of the most interesting sights was Beaver Lake, also known as "the incredible shrinking lake." When we visited a few years back, the lake was being taken over by fragrant water lillies (lily pads); a sign told us that the lake would become a forest within 50 years. Apparently these invasive water lillies were planted back in the 1930s to beautify the lake; no one realized they would actually put the lake at risk. The water lillies were indeed beautiful, but the idea that the lake would be gone made me pretty sad. Obviously the Vancouver Park Board agreed, as they've voted to spend millions to preserve and restore Beaver Lake.
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Stanley Park Drive
Huge park located right near downtown Vancouver. So much to do and see.

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