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The House Designed by Spirits

San Jose, CA, United States
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The Winchester Mystery house is located in San Jose, just an hour's drive from San Francisco and a great day trip. The Winchester house is a mansion owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester owner of Winchester rifles. After her husband and her baby died, Sarah was told and believed that she would be haunted by the spirits of people who were killed by Winchester guns. She believed that she needed to build continuously on her home and did so without a break for 35 years. Sarah initially bought a small farmhouse and continued to add on to it in all directions. She supposedly met with the spirits to determine what direction construction would take. The house, which is open for tours, has 40 bedrooms. There are stairs that lead to no where (literally ending at the ceiling), a door that opens to the outside from the second floor, a room with multiple doors permitting entry but none permitting an exit. Candelabras were adapted to have 13 light bulbs. The house extended in a directions and new staff required a map to find their way around. Even today, when you tour, the guide will tell you not to lose the group as you may never find your way out.
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Psycho Donuts
Want a little treat after your tour? Just a couple of miles down the road is Psycho Donuts. The donuts are big and topped with all kinds of crazy different toppings - fruit loops, peanut butter, strawberries....

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