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The Harvesters

Salinas, CA, United States
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Hard to miss when traveling the highway through Salinas, the giant sculptures in the fields at "The Farm" are not only entertaining, but a great advertising and marketing tool for the farm business that operates there. There are several groups of these sculptures which were created by local Salinas artist John Cerney. This 4 figure group is closest to the entrance road and is known as "The Harvesters". There are 2 men with knives who are trimmers that select and cut the heads of lettuce. Another figure depicts a packer who is bending over a box being loaded with 24 heads of lettuce. The final figure is the foreman, who holds a weight scale and supervises the work and weighs the boxes. They've kept these sculptures in top shape in the last 20 years since we saw them last, so they were like coming back to see old friends and think of our time here long ago.
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