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The Great White Adventure

Gansbaai, WC, South Africa
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Gansbaai is the central hub for Great White Sharks in South Africa. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the bay of Storms and work with the Dyer Island Marine Conservation Group, Marine Dynamics and work and learn aboard the Slashfin to cage dive with these magnificent beasts as well as get experience educating the public about the dangers of overfishing and having a negative fear of sharks. The bay is called Gansbaai which means bay of storms, just outside of the bay is Dyer Island and Sea Island which is most known for the popular Shark Week hosted by Animal Planet. Dyer Island is the home to the endemic African penguin and Seal Island is the home of the Cape fur Seal both of which are a staple in the diet of White Sharks.During the trip we saw many White Sharks and learned the importance of conservation. The most memorable shark I saw was a large female Great White who came out of the depths after a long period of time without seeing a single shark. We had thought the competition from a nearby boat had taken all of our chances to see another shark as we were running out of chum, however while we were resting, with our feet hanging over the side of the vessel. . . . a the large 18-20 foot female came strait up from the dark water jaws unhinged toward the penguin decoy. From the size of her open mouth I could have fit a large beach ball strait inside! When she realized the bait was a decoy she gracefully turned her body to the side reveling her beautiful counter-shading color and scars earned over time and I stared strait in the eye of a Great White Shark. In that moment, even though for a second will remain the most memorable from my time in South Africa.South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. It is rich in culture and the food is amazing. There are so many things you can do there from Safari to Wine tasting. I would definitely recommend the trip and while your there make sure to visit Marine Dynamics to see some amazing White Sharks.
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