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The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab: My Latest Journey Commences!

Amritsar, PB, India
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Only 5 weeks following a memorable trip to Maui with my Mother, I took my first "Round the World" trip which took me through India, Seychelles, Dubai and Western Europe in 4 weeks. It began in India "with a bang" the northwestern city of Amritsar, Punjab, close to the border with Pakistan. The city is home to the Sikh religion and it's coveted golden shrine, the Gurdwara Harmandir Sahib (aka the Golden Temple). It's a very peaceful, small religion that not many people know about. The Sikhs built this amazing temple as a place intended for all faiths to come and worship God equally, no matter if you're Muslim, Christian, Hindu or from one of India's other 3 million+ religions. Sikhism believes in treating everyone as sort of a brotherhood, treat everyone equally; and you're welcomed with open arms to explore their religion and beliefs. I felt like a celebrity there (probably because I was one of very few Caucasians and Americans there) as many Sikhs came up to me wanting to chat and have selfies taken with me. I arrived to my hotel which sat right next to the entrance to the Golden Temple. Despite being severely jet-lagged and worn out after 30+ hours of flying and layovers with little to no sleep, seeing the temple all lit up at night made it next to impossible to not go visit it as soon as I got there. Even fireworks welcomed me I said earlier...the trip began with "a bang!" Fun Fact: The Golden Temple is the most visited temple in all of India, beating even the Taj Mahal. It is an amazingly underrated attraction without a doubt.
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Culture and experiences

Partition Museum,Amritsar
Learn about the partition of Punjab between India and Pakistan at this museum nearby.
Jallianwala Bagh
This monument is a sad reminder of innocent locals murdered in the fight for independence in 1918 against the British government.
Sikh Reference Library
Learn more about the history of Sikhism at this library on the southwestern side of the "moat".
Harmandir Sahib
Holiest site in Sikhism, the Golden Temple. Amazing during the day and at night.


Hotel Sapphire
The entrance to the Golden Temple was literally right outside my hotel door. Also had an amazing view of the temple from my "Executive" room....if you can call it Indian standards...

Points of interest

Fawwara chowk
An impressive, imposing monument on the north end of Amritsar's pedestrian-friendly walkway.
Somnath Singh
A pedestrian-friendly street immediately flanking the Golden Temple with dozens of shops and local restaurants.


Shudh Dhaba
Excellent local Indian restaurant with great Punjabi food. Popular place for breakfast.
Guru Ka Langar
A huge army of volunteers and locals feed some 50,000 people here daily, for free.


Dupatta Market
Be prepared to bargain in the crazy, narrow paths of the Dupatta Market on the south end of the temple area.

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