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The Forbidden Island, a Sunset, and a Whale Tail All in One Picture

Puuwai, HI, United States
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During our dinner cruise along the Na Pali Coast, I was curious about an island I was seeing to the west of Kauai. The island was mentioned during the cruise, but I was unable to hear what was said and I was concentrating on the whales jumping around everywhere. I looked this island up at a later date and what I found out was fascinating. The island is called Niihau, or “The Forbidden Island,” and the Hawaiian language is the primary language spoken here. There are only about 100 year round residents on the island and no cars or running water can be found. Niihau is a private island so one cannot simply show up on a boat for a visit, you need to be invited. I am happy to hear there are still places like this in America where the traditional culture is preserved.
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Capt Andy's
This picture was taken on a Captain Andy's dinner cruise

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Ni'ihau is a private island where the traditional Hawaiian culture still remains

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