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The Feline Welcoming Committee

Goshen, NY, United States
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When I told a friend I was heading to Goshen, she said, "Lawyer, or race track?" (Lawyer, for me, but there is a somewhat-popular harness racing track in town!) The downtown area is small and walkable, filled with restaurants and, of course, attorneys' offices. I was prepared for that. I was NOT prepared for the abundance of cats! On the way in, one came right up to me, and allowed me to pet him, even following me briefly (he was not overly skinny, so someone was feeding him). Then, on the way out, four cats were out on the same building's porch, and all looked at me in tandem as if to say, "Welcome! ... or not, because we're cats, and we don't particularly care." Maybe you too might come across a Cat Posse if you should visit Goshen!
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El Rancho Mexican Restaurant
Huge and tasty portions for lunch; served with a complementary quesadilla.

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