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The Eternal City-Roman Colosseum

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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They called Rome the Eternal City. And We all have heard that all roads lead to Rome. But if there's one ancient structure that makes Rome feels eternal, it's the Roman Colosseum, and all roads lead to that structure as it's almost like a roundabout with 6 other streets connected to it. Lots of tourists? expected. Lots of vendors try to sell things? expected. Some serious scams? expected. Tour touts? expected. How the structure looks very imposing and amazing in real life? True. Very long lines to get in? True. Too hot in the summer? Could be...but mostly around mid to high 70s so it's tolerable.Get a tour guide to make the visit more enjoyable. Otherwise you'll be walking around all the ruins and not knowing much about parts and functions.
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