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The Disappearing Waters

Caolasnacon, Scotland, United Kingdom
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I chose this photo to talk about because I was just fascinated watching the small streams that appeared and disappeared in the rocky valley bed on one our hikes in Glencoe. You can see the water at the top of the picture, but at the bottom it has vanished into thin air! The water coming off the peaks above was so pure, clear and cold that I thought it just had to be safe to drink, but a life of warnings about that made it impossible for me to risk a taste. The streams would appear out of nowhere in the rocks and be just a couple of feet wide, but with a pretty decent flow. They would run through the rocks for a few yards, spread out a bit, and then, just like that they were gone. You could search down where they should be going, and never find them again. There were probably 10 different small streams we saw do this on the valley floor, and I spent a pretty good amount of time exploring this fascinating landscape, looking for the lost streams, and admiring the beautifully colored rocks and pebbles of this primal landscape.
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