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The Devils Pulpit

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
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While many will know the Devils Pulpit from the romance series "Outlander", its far more beautiful and alluring than the show would have you think.

The mystical pulpit is cut 70 to 100 feet down a dark sandstone gorge. The blood red hues of the sandstone, contrasting deeply with the deep greens of the surrounding foliage is truly stunning. Though it is thought to once have been a meeting place for druids, later it was said that Satan used to preach to his flock from this rock, and to gaze upon it would cause you to take your own life (many were either killed or committed suicide at this location). Later still it is said local witch trials were held in the gorge, and that those who drank the water would only live if they were not witches.
About 200 years ago the steps known as Jacobs Ladder or the Devils Staircase were built, be sure to check your footing on the way up and down!

No matter the truth, you'll find this place holds a bit of magic either way.

Please pack in/pack out your trash, and even take some extra if you can! Keep places like this beautiful.
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Finnich Glen
Finnich Glen
Be safe while you head up and down the stairs!

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