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The Colosseum

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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Prior to actually going into the Colosseum, I was able to see the exterior on a morning run. It’s honestly the best way to see if, with the sun just coming up and no crowds. Later that day, I actually went to go see it in person. I don’t know what I was thinking because I did not buy my tickets ahead of time. Lucky for me though, a couple of guys were walking around asking people if they wanted to join their English tour of the Colosseum. I was hesitant at first but when they said it would guarantee “skip the line” admission, I was sold. There was a good group that had already joined the tour so it was reassuring. Honestly, I don’t even know if this was a legit tour group but it was very well done. Our tour guide was funny and extremely knowledgeable. We had a great time and would recommend it but again, I don’t know if these guys were actually a legitimate company or not.
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Points of interest

Ponte Sant'Angelo
Pretty pedestrian bridge over the River Tiber that was built way back in 134 AD.
Piazza Campo de' Fiori
The home to one of Rome’s more popular produce markets.
Altar of the Fatherland
The massive monument to Emanuele II that houses the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.
Piazza Venezia
Massive square where you can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Piazza del Popolo
Massive city square and home to the oldest obelisk in Rome.
Piazza di Spagna
The famous hill from the 18th century at the foot of the Spanish Steps.
Castel Sant'Angelo
Hard to believe this was originally commissioned to be a mausoleum but has been a museum since 1925.
Beautiful neighborhood that some consider a reflection of true life in Rome.
Palatine Hill
Right next to the Colosseum where most tours of the Colosseum will likely end.
Basilica of Saint Mary Major
Gorgeous basilica that was built in 432 AD. Certainly worth a visit if you have time.
Piazza Borghese
Beautiful sculptures, paintings, and mosaics can be found in this museum.
Vatican Museums
You must book in advance to see this or else you will never get in.
Sistine Chapel
The hope of one of Michelangelo’s most famous paintings from the 16 century.
Only 3 hours from Rome by train or 8 hours by bus.
Only 1 hour and 35 minutes away from Rome by train or 3.5 hours by bus.
Probably best to take a flight there since it’s only 1 hour away by plane but 6.5 hours away by train.
Only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Rome by train.
Via del Pantheon
One of the best preserved buildings of ancient Romans, this former Pagan temple is now a Christian church.
Spanish Steps
Relatively steep steps coming down Trinita dei Monti church that reminds me a tad bit of the Champs-Élysées in Paris.
Piazza Navona
Beautiful square that is filled with Christmas markets and concerts in the winter.
Roman Forum
A large forum filled with ruins of ancient Roman buildings.
Trevi Fountain
The famous fountain that was built in the 18th century. Unfortunately when I visited, it was completely covered for renovations.
St. Peter's Basilica
The largest basilica in the world located in the Vatican
Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Roman times. Get your tickets ahead of time or be prepared to wait in long queues

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