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Washington, DC, USA
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Ok, so technically, Washington DC was built on a tidal plain. But, if you can avoid the stench of corruption, you can certainly enjoy your time in our nation's capitol! The history of the city and the monuments is worth checking out. Did you know that the original White House was burned down? Or that it included a brothel at one time? There is a ton of cool history to be had, and there are some amazing sites to see. The Veteran's War Memorial, the statue of Honest Abe, Washington Monument, and even the White House itself (from behind barbed wire, snipers, and personal army of agents). There is something magical about standing at the edge of the reflecting pool and contemplating that amount of change that happened in this city and how every decision made has some effect on our day to day lives. Make sure to check out the Smithsonian as well, it is not to be missed!!
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