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The Cerritos Library

Cerritos, CA, United States
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Cerritos offers a slew of relaxing free places to entertain young kids. One of the go to places is the Cerritos Library -- specifically the children's library. The kids absolutely love it (not as much as Disney, but...). After all what library offers a space shuttle, light house, floor to ceiling fish tank, and a life size dinosaur?? Who knows how they got the money to build this thing, but the kids love it, and if you're looking to just kill a little time and entertain the kids, it's a great place to go. The library is actually attached to a cultural center and a sculpture garden.
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For kids

Cerritos Library
Awesome children's library. One of the best in the world.


In-N-Out Burger
Yum. Cheap burgers and fast service. Better than Shake shack?

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