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The British Invasion REVERSED

Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom
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Traveling to the UK for the first time on a limited budget ,two 50 something ladies ,stay in Hostels mostly. Our one luxury was the Hotel the Sasha Festival was held at in Stratford-upon-Avon ,or as I like to call it Billy Shakespeare`s stomping ground !! I guess I do not know how to travel lightly ,as it was a "royal" pain lugging my STUFF on and off the trains and the tube trying to "Mind the Gap", too. We landed at Heathrow, and spent our 1st 2 days in London in a youth hostel that cost us 9 pounds a night each. Twenty people to a room with bunk beds 3 bunks high, we got in late in the afternoon and had to settle for the middle bunks. I`m so glad I was smart enough to bring ear plugs and an eye/sleeping mask a must to combat others snoring, and other irritating noises and to fight off jet leg. We crammed a weeks worth of sightseeing into 2 days !! The hop on hop off double-decker bus is a smart way to see the city, we explored the Tower of London, did a boat tour too as both were discounted as we purchased the hop on bus ticket that same day. Had to try "fish n` chips w/ mushy peas not too bad BUT I did pass on the peas. One of the best deals we had was purchasing the train ticket BEFORE arriving in the UK we did the 10 day excursion pass we could travel anywhere in the UK on it and Ireland too, and we did it all. I think my favorite place was Edinburgh, Scotland, the sites, food and people were the best by far. We need to return and plan on it again BUT this time I`m doing like the kids and limiting my self to 1 backpack for my stuff!!!
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we took the ferry to Ireland from Wales , the last stop on the train, and the station was deserted, we waited hours on the ferry ,but splurging on the room with beds best money spent slept till we arrived in Ireland in the AM fun watching the sun rise on the ferry`s deck

Culture and experiences

had to see the Roman baths in Bath !! unusually warm day in the UK We loved it ,a great stop on our way to Wales


Jacobs Inn
great hostel one of the best we stayed in on our trip ,close to the train station and walking distance to downtown via the hop on hop off bus.


had the best time exploring the castle, best food was fried Haggis at the "World`s End" Guess anything is good fried !!also had some Scottish Sea Bass YUMMY

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