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The Bonne Bay Marine Station, a great place to wait for your ferry

Norris Point, NL, Canada
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The Bonne Bay Marine Station is a combination of Visitor Center, Museum, and local research center. We had a bit of a wait before taking the ferry across Bonne Bay, so we went in. They had the usual touch tanks for the kids (although I couldn't resist, I put my hand in there as well) but the real treasure there was the staff. Mostly college age kids, who are studying at the center to earn a few bucks by managing the visitors, these students were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and were unafraid to share their knowledge or ask questions themselves. Frankly, I was disappointed I had to leave for the ferry, there was a great deal more to be learned there.
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Bonne Bay Marine Station
A superb museum and research center near the ferry in Norris Point.

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