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The Bolo Hauz Mosque

Rabatak, Bukhara Region, Uzbekistan
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The list goes on with the places you must visit in Bukhara. Make sure to add the Bolo hauz Mosque to that list! The historical mosque was bult in 1712. You won't miss this place since it is located just across the famous Ark Of Bukhara and citadel. The thin columns of the mosque is one of its distinct features decorated with colored murqarnas. There is a small minaret for the mosque and also what visitors will notice it the typical Central Asian inerior design of the historical Mosque. Make sure to come in the morning, since this is close to the citadel the crowd does get busier later during the day.
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Train Ticket Office
The train from Khiva to Bukhara was a long ride, Not the most comfortable but I was able to meet some nice locals.

Culture and experiences

Chor Minor
Chor Minor is so beautiful at night when it is lit up. I'd recommend visiting boy during the day and night.
Near this site, you can check out a cultural show. Usually starts later in the afternoon.
Lyab-i Hauz
Check out the nearby places for some local food and some entertainment.
The Ark of Bukhara is very iconic to this region of Uzbekistan.
Bolo Hauz Mosque مسجد
The Bolo hauz Mosque is located right across Bukhara's citadel.


Hotel Hafsi Kabir
Very comfortable room. Also very simple breakfast spread in the morning.

Points of interest

Samanid Mausoleum
The Samanid Mausoleum is a historical site in Bukhara considered sacred by many people.
Bukhara is definitely a region not to be missed when you travel in Uzbekistan.
Old Citadel
The Old Citadel of Bukhara is massive. There are lots of very cool places to see within.

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