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The Birds of South Carolina

South Carolina, SC, United States
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I was hoping to see a Painted Bunting while in South Carolina. The colors are amazing on this songbird and there is nothing comparable where I live. Painted Buntings are frequently sighted at Hunting Island State Park near the dunes or near the pier or bird feeders at the nature center. However, I did not spot any painted buntings the day I was there. I did, however, see a flock of pelicans fly over the beach which was pretty cool to see. They flew over pretty close. By the time I got my phone camera ready they were higher up and silhouetted by the sun.
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Hunting Island Beach
Hunting Island Beach
It was very cool to see the flock of penguins fly overhead when we were on the beach. The park is home to many birds.
Hunting Island State Park Nature Center
Hunting Island State Park Nature Center
Painted Bunyans are spotted frequently near the nature center and pier at Hunting Island State Park.

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