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The Best Of Bogota

Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
1 Kudo
Full of old colonial buildings alongside modern skyscrapers, Bogota is full of contrast. Any rumors you hear about this city are true. I only say this because there are well over 10 million residents living here plus the tourists at any given moment. It has its beauty, it gives you grit, but most importantly it provides you a plethora of options of things to do. The Gold Museum (home to over 50,000 artifacts) & a free walking tour took up our first afternoon. The walking tour familiarized us with the important points of interest, including Plaza Bolivar, a large plaza that has every building for each branch of government. And pigeons. Lots and lots of pigeons. For day 2, we took advantage of the Sunday discount and headed to Monserrate (pic attached), an uber high viewpoint that allows you to look out as far as you can see just knowing that you are watching 10 million people living in their concrete jungle. Following our morning we headed for a walking graffiti tour. This was just ok when compared to the one in Medellin but nonetheless impressive. The gastronomy here is excellent, but once here you cannot miss a visit to Andres Carne De Res, Chia. It is not just a restaurant, it’s entertainment, fun & the best food we had in Colombia. That says a lot! Like any big city there will always be naysayers who tell you it’s not safe and just “another city”. I can assure you that Bogota keeps its Colombian charm fully intact.
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