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The Beautiful and Amazing Trevi Fountain

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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I have always seen the Trevi fountain in movies and picture, I couldn't believe my eyes when I was actually standing in front of the fountain, it was surreal. After a long day of walking and touring Rome, we arrived at the Trevi fountain late at night, it was about 9pm but the place was still pack with crowds. Of all the attracts in Italy, this landmark is the busiest we have seen, for a moment, we actually thought we would get this fountain to ourselves like the rest of the landmark but it was still beautiful, regardless. We left shortly because of the crowds and listen to some music down the road.
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Points of interest

A oval ancient amphitheatre, it was cool to see the history
Via del Pantheon
An former Roman temple, now a church. We briefly walk by this
Piazza Navona
A plaza with a small fountain and statue, we stumble upon this by accident
I wished we had spent more than 1 day here, it was so beautiful
Altar of the Fatherland
We walked by this but was on the opposite side of the road and raining so we did not stop
Giardini del Quirinale
A small garden/ park with a fountain in the center
Via del Pantheon
We walked by but didn't stop for long since it was raining heavily
Piazza Navona
This place was a secret find for us, we ran into it be accident, it was beautiful even in the rain
It was a big city, the tourist area is a different world from the other area
Trevi Fountain
There was guard or police to make sure that people are not sitting on the fountain

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